Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Why use Commercial Cleaning?

Whether you realize it or not, whether your carpet shows it or not, it just may be the dirtiest spot in your office. It attracts layers from our daily lives: dust and dirt particles flying in the air only to be trapped in carpet fibers, trace residue from the soles of our shoes, odors from smoke and other odds and ends left by spills, accidents and the like. So how can you get your company carpets really clean, and keep it that way? At Cleveland Carpet Cleaning our commercial carpet cleaners have created a very special carpet maintenance program for you. It's really no big mystery: vacuum, protect and clean.


Vacuuming is the most efficient way to remove surface dust and dirt from your carpets. Our cleaners work methodically, moving the vacuum cleaner over every area of the carpet slowly with a back and forth motion. This method usually helps when cleaning high traffic hallways, elevators and lobbies.

Our Cleaning Specification Include:

  • Commercial portable machines
  • Professional vacuum cleaners
  • Specific brushes when cleaning near walls or doorways
  • Deodorization & sanitation

Carpets are multi-functional. On the one hand, they function as a decorative element or accent. On the other hand, they have a protective function - protecting the underlying floor surfaces in entranceways and lunchrooms. We offer a comprehensive approach to carpet maintenance that will help you protect your carpet and lengthen its lifetime.

  • Cleveland Carpet Cleaning can install a mat at the front door to catch dirt and mud before it makes its way to your carpet.
  • We prevent stains by cleaning up spills as soon as they happen. After we've removed any large pieces or clumps of dirt, we let our commercial carpet cleaning machines to finish the job.
  • We protect your investment by using eco safe cleaning agents that cause no harm to your health or the environment.


Carpets should undergo deep cleaning once every eighteen months (twelve months for high-traffic areas). The most popular methods for cleaning carpets are: shampooing, dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Shampooing is the least effective method. This process, often carried out by carpet owners who want to save a little money, involves the use of liquid or foam carpet cleaning product which sits on the surface of your carpet, and then sinks into the base, adding another layer of dirt to what has already accumulated. Home vacuum cleaners do not have the power to remove the residue and rented machines often just rub it in.

Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are much more efficient, and in the long run, save you money by better preserving your carpet. At Cleveland Carpet Cleaning we have the appropriate cleaning equipment - truck mounted cleaning units - to bring you the best results.

Cleveland steam cleaners use commercial carpet cleaning equipment to actually wash your carpets as though they were put through the full cycle of your washing machine. It does not require the use of harsh chemicals or detergents, adding the benefit of being environment friendly.

When deliberating which method is right for you, our experts check the manufacturer's care instructions for your particular carpet fiber type and come up with efficient cleaning method accordingly.

Our commercial carpet cleaning team also grants you with the perfect furniture cleaning solution. We know how to clean office furniture, including antique furniture, computer furniture, partitions and space dividers, moveable screens and acoustical panels.

So, what makes our commercial carpet cleaning method so special? In three words:

Vacuum - Protect - Clean
Three simple steps for maintaining your carpet, three simple steps to extend the life of your investment.

Best of all, it can be easily adjusted as your organization changes - whether you're downsizing or launching an extensive office expansion. Our commercial carpet cleaning rates are competitive and affordable, be sure to give them a try by calling Cleveland Carpet Cleaning.

Protect - Using Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines


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Jim Powers
Best cleaning and detailed service I have ever had. A++ equipment and Technician. Dried in 8 hrs. As promised!
Diana Rogers
The two young men were polite and courteous. The (old) carpet looks much cleaner than it was. Also, it went fairly quickly. It took quite a while to dry completely though. Overall, I am happy with the experience.
Tracy Washington
I loved the results of my carpet cleaning service! I had been neglecting my carpet and had not had it professionally cleaned in several years. After your agent cleaned the carpet it was beautiful again. I am very happy with the service.
John Byrne
We were very happy with the job that was performed on our carpets. They were professional and everything smelled really good afterward. Their price was much more reasonable and they take care of new customers!
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