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Eastlake Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Erie Rd, Eastlake, OH 44095
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Eastlake Carpet Cleaning provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art professional cleaning services to the citizens of Eastlake, Ohio. Our vans are a common sight at properties throughout town, from Eastlake Drive to Willowick Drive, and everything in between.

People feel confident letting our crew of licensed, bonded & insured professional cleaners take care of all their cleaning needs with the Eastlake Carpet Cleaning special brand of commercial carpet cleaning, business carpet cleaning, house carpet cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning services. Some people come to Eastlake because of the great fishing.

Some come to see the Boulevard of 500 Flags. Others just want to see the origin of the 2003 North American Blackout. But the folks who live here, attracted to a town with all-American values, a town with low crime, where most residents own the homes they live in, a town where you can raise a family.

We Are Different

Eastlake Steam Cleaning Services:
One of the best ways to remove fine dirt particles nesting inside furniture fibers and carpets is by using our delicate steam cleaning machines. We use only the finest carpet steam cleaners with high pressure and low pressure vapor options to gently extract and clean dirt based on either heated steam or cold steam vapors.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment:
All carpet cleaning services claim to do the best job. They are hoping that you will believe them and hire them. At Eastlake Carpet Cleaning we don't claim to do the best job - we do the best job, hands down.

Why are we the best? Because we use innovative carpet cleaning equipment and methods for a healthier type of clean. That's right - we use the best equipment in the business to deliver the highest possible level of cleanliness - truck mounted cleaning systems. They allow us to work fast and deliver an environment friendly carpet cleaning (green clean) that can't be beat. Truck mounts, once reserved for use on commercial carpet cleaning jobs, have been refined and approved for use on almost any carpet, rug or upholstery fiber.

Even so, when you call on Eastlake Carpet Cleaning for a free estimate and evaluation, we take the time to determine if this is the right method for you. If the furniture fibers and fabrics in your home require a different type of cleaning, we will find a different green carpet cleaning method for you. This way, the health of your personal environment will not be compromised by chemicals often found in standard carpet cleaning product.

Remember, carpet upholstery cleaning, curtain upholstery cleaning, furniture upholstery cleaning using natural cleaning product are important steps that can help control allergies & asthma. Note: if you've already having your house cleaned using a professional home cleaning service, don't forget to have your mattress cleaned, too.

Eastlake Carpet Cleaning is the best because we provide a wider range of reliable services a typical carpet cleaning: auto interior cleaning, air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery, rug an wood floor cleaning, leather cleaning, floor cleaning - wax & polish, duct cleaning and more. And all of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we've got plenty of experience in carpet cleaning repair and carpet cleaning stain messes, just in case your carpets need some extra attention.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend calling in a professional carpet cleaning service like Eastlake Carpet Cleaning once every twelve to eighteen months. Here are some useful tips for carpet cleaning maintenance:

  1. Keep it simple: vacuum weekly and wipe up spills immediately.
  2. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: a welcome mat by the front door will capture large dirt particles before they can be ground permanently into your carpet. Area rugs placed in high-traffic areas will prevent premature wearing.
  3. The carpet cleaning product available at your local supermarket or hardware store most likely contains harsh detergents and chemicals. Rug and carpet shampoos can lead to residue build-up. If you feel you must use a cleaning product, look for a carpet cleaning supply outlet.

We accept - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Payment Options. Ask about our free pick-up and delivery policy and our special, money saving move in move out service.

Services around Eastlake

For carpet cleaning services around the immediate Eastlake vicinity please see our Cleveland Carpet Cleaning homepage.

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