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Auto Interior Cleaning Ohio

Cleveland Auto Interior Cleaning Department offers full-service auto detailing:

  • Auto upholstery cleaning of interior
  • Removing carpet and upholstery stains
  • Steam cleaning car interior
  • Leather interior cleaning
  • Plastic, glass and vinyl cleaning
  • Auto interior protectant
  • Using only professional car interior cleaning products

Remember that new car smell? It doesn't have to be a thing of the past with the professional cleaning auto interior service from Cleveland Auto Interior Cleaning. Our licensed, bonded & insured team of expert car detailers uses gentle, yet efficient, top-grade auto interior cleaners for cleaning leather, seat covers, upholstered surfaces, mats, rubber, foam pads, carpets, car windows and plastics in auto interiors.

Our team will be cleaning the interior of your car with car cleaning supply items like super soft rags, gentle car cleaning shampoo, and a variety of vacuum nozzles for reaching those hard to reach places.

Here's what to expect when you use Cleveland Auto Interior Cleaning for interior car wash:

First, our auto interior technician will remove and wash your car's interior floor mats. While the mats are drying, the technician will check the auto interior and remove trash and loose coins (which he will, of course, give to you) before putting a professional strength vacuum cleaner to work. He will carefully and thoroughly vacuum the floor of your car and the tops, bottoms, fronts, backs of your seat cushions as well as under the seats. Leather surfaces will receive a once over with special auto interior cleaner. Upholstered seats with spots or stains will be spot cleaned. For especially touch cases with auto interior fabric, we offer a special Car Interior & Upholstery Cleaning package. Ask for a free estimate.

Now that the auto interior upholstery is clean, it's time for another once-over with the vacuum and additional vacuuming and dusting of the dashboard and doors. A swipe with our super-soft car cleaning rags revives the dash, steering wheel, door handles and arm rests while protecting them from the sun.

Now that your car smells like new again, our car interior cleaning team will turn its attention to the windows and windshield. No streaks, just clean, almost invisible windows! Once the floor mats back in place, your car is ready to drive home.

Tips for cleaning car interiors:

When washing your car at home, vacuum in this order: seats, between cushions, dash, floorboards. Once you have the auto interior as clean as you can get, finish the process with auto windshield cleaning and apply car wax or other protection.

Since we at Cleveland Auto Interior Cleaning offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is advisable to contact us for custom auto interior treatment. We can also offer the cleanliness of antique auto interiors. Call us today for a free estimate. At Cleveland Carpet Cleaning we accept - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Payment Options and coupons.

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