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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

I just purchased my carpets a few years ago and I vacuum them regularly. Do I really need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company?

The simple answer is: yes. All types of floor covering are an important, and often substantial, financial investment. Not surprisingly, many people make great efforts to preserve and maintain their carpets. This includes regular vacuuming with a good quality machine, using mats to trap dirt, and requiring others to remove their shoes when they enter your home. Even with all of this, however, oil will still accumulate in shag.

The bad news is that no matter what type of vacuum you use, it cannot remove this oil. In addition, solid dirt particles can often settle deep into carpeted surfaces. Unfortunately, that machine in your living room closet cannot reach the very bottom of your carpets to remove this dirt. To remove oil and deep set soil, it is essential to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

What method is best for cleaning carpets?

There are many different methods for cleaning carpets. Some involve the use of chemicals and no water. However, most experts agree that the most effective and overall best method is hot water extraction, which is also commonly known as steam cleaning. A powerful cleaner is distributed over the entire surface of your rugs. Then, hot water is used to activate the cleaning product and break up oil and tough stains. Finally, most of the water is removed from the carpet almost immediately to allow for quick drying and reduce the risk of carpets being soiled while wet.

What should I consider when deciding which company to hire?

There are several things you should consider. First, ask about their policies and practices. Do they guarantee satisfaction? Are their workers licensed and insured? Can they provide a free estimate? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are probably dealing with a legitimate company. You should also find out about the cleaning methods they use (hot water extraction is best) and the carpet cleaning equipment they have (truck mounts are the most powerful).

How do I know when it's time to have my carpets professionally cleaned?

You should have your carpets steam cleaned every year. However, if you notice discoloration, the carpet releases dust even after it is vacuumed, or it feels and looks oily or smells unpleasant, it should be done sooner.

Why should I have my carpets cleaned on a regular basis?

There are many reasons, but the most important are esthetic, health-related, and financial. Simply put, your entire house will look more attractive when your carpets are clean. Second, regular carpet cleaning removes dust, mites, and mold, which will increase the air quality in your home. This is especially important for those with asthma, allergies, or breathing problems. Finally, your rugs will last longer, and paying for a yearly cleaning is certainly more financially sound than replacing the entire floor covering in your home.

I came home and found that my basement had leaked. My carpets are soaked! What is the best way to dry them?

You can remove small liquid spills by blotting floors with a towel, but a situation like this is too much to handle on your own. Call a professional as soon as possible. They can quickly remove excess water, which will prevent damage and inhibit the formation of mold.

I find that some cleaning products really affect my breathing and give me headaches. What can I do about this?

Many people have at least some level of sensitivity to cleaning products. There are several options. You could make plans to leave while the professional is cleaning your home and/or for several hours afterwards. Good ventilation is also crucial. Open windows so the fumes do not become too strong. Finally, if you really can't handle chemicals, ask whether the company can use natural cleaning products. These are non-irritating, and an increasing number of companies are offering this option.

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