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Cleveland Water & Fire Damage Restoration Tips

At times of emergency, keeping a cool head and following recommended safety procedures can help save lives and property.

Even a small fire can result in large-scale damage to property and possessions: irreversible etching from corrosive byproducts of smoke and fire, life-threatening mold, and more. Cleveland Carpet Cleaning water fire damage restoration specialists will do all that is humanly possible to restore your property to its previous state. Call our toll-free 24/7 emergency hotline for a superfast, super-efficient response. Time is of the essence, so here are some tips from Cleveland Carpet Cleaning.

After A Fire
  • Avoid additional damage caused by oil from your hands - don't touch upholstery, walls or woodwork.
  • Minimize smoke odor by opening windows and doors.
  • Prevent tarnishing and etching on formica, chrome, porcelain and aluminum fixtures by thorough cleaning.
  • Do not wash walls. Soot residue can become permanent as a result of incorrect cleaning.
  • Do not use electrical appliances - including ceiling and light fixtures - until they have been checked.
  • Protect important documents from loose soot in the air by taping damp cheesecloth over them.
  • No matter how painful it is to look at blackened and sooty carpeting and upholstered furniture, do not try to clean them yourself, they require professional cleaning solvents and equipment.
  • If you are one of the few Cleveland residents with a furnace that uses forced air, change the filter.
In the kitchen:
  • Turn off the electricity. Open refrigerator doors and leave doors propped open.
  • Throw out packages of food that were open when the fire occurred.

Finally, don't throw out clothing that has suffered smoke damage without sending it to a qualified restoration dry cleaner for evaluation.

Water Damage Treatment

All it takes is an overflowing tub or a burst pipe and you've got a flood situation to deal with. Aside from the water itself, dampness is a breeding ground for bacteria. Growth can begin within hours of a flood. Once the water flow has been stopped, your first call should be to Cleveland Carpet Cleaning 24/7 Emergency Services - response for wet carpet drying. We've got the know-how and equipment to dry up any wet spot. To aid more effective restoration, follow these simple steps:

What to do:
  • Call Cleveland Carpet Cleaning immediately.
  • Turn off all electricity before entering a room with standing water.
  • Do not attempt to remove the water with your household vacuum. Mop and blot as much water as possible until the professional get there.
  • Avoid shock, i.e. do not use electric appliances on wet floors or carpeting.
  • Start drying smaller floor coverings, like area rugs, by removing them from the flooded area. Do not attempt to move wall-to-wall carpeting and do not lift tacked down carpet.
  • Wipe-down furniture surfaces and protect flooring and furniture legs by putting aluminum foil under them.
  • Remove or prop-up wet cushions.
  • Drapery that cannot be removed can be looped through a coat hanger and then hung onto the drapery rod to prevent the bottoms from soaking up more water.
  • Valuable memorabilia and objects of art should be removed to a dry location.
  • Damp and wet books require professional drying and restoration. In the meantime, pack tightly to prevent warping.
  • Open drawers, closet and cabinet doors to enhance drying.
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