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Vacuum Types and Their Link to Carpet Cleaning and Home Maintenance

There are many types of vacuum cleaners that can get the job done, but how quickly and easily they get the job done is what sets them apart from each other. However, there are certain factors that determine how well a particular vacuum will do on a particular piece of carpet.

These factors are how much carpet is in the home to be vacuumed, how often the vacuum needs to be used, and what type of carpet it is that is being vacuumed. The type of carpet being vacuumed can influence the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

The Residential Vacuum

The residential vacuum is what is in most homes. It usually costs under $400 and lasts around 5 years. They are usually found to be made of plastic and they contain a single motor that drives the brush and the sucking action of the vacuum. The cord does not contain a ground fault plug. They can come with a filter bag or they can be the type of vacuum that doesn't require a filter bag.

The cyclonic models are usually those that do not require a bag and are manufactured to be used up to 5 times per week for a period of 5 years. Residential vacuums can have various settings on them to handle different types of carpets such as plush carpets, but some may be made to handle only a certain type of carpeting.

The Commercial Vacuum

Sometimes a resident may choose to use a commercial vacuum in their home. This may be because they have a large area to clean or a carpet that is difficult to maintain. Just like residential vacuums, commercial vacuums are made of plastic, but are a little bit larger. They do have cords that are around 50 feet long with a ground fault protector that ensures the safety of the operator if the cord is severed. Unlike the residential models, the commercial models do contain two motors.

Commercial models such as wide area vacuum cleaners are usually around 3 feet wide and contain a beater brush that extends the width of the vacuum cleaner. They cut vacuuming time by up to 50% because of the large beater brush and powerful motors. Although mainly used in commercial establishments, considerably large homes can benefit from an upright wide area vacuum cleaner.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners and Backpack Models

Vacuums come in several different forms such as backpack models and upright. Where a backpack model contains a canister that is attached to a harness that has a long hose with a wand at the end, the upright is the common design for residential and commercial vacuums. The backpack vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is great to get those hard-to-reach places such as corners and difficult stairways that the additional hoses on an upright may not be long enough to get even with the various attachments. But upright vacuum cleaners have other features such as lights on the front to easily see the floor in dark areas.

Obviously, each type of vacuum can benefit a home in different ways. However, it depends on the area, the type of carpet, the types of stairways within the home, and if the user wants to vacuum more than just the floor. In other words, the type of vacuum acquired can benefit the overall maintenance of the home depending on user preference and its versatility.

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