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Your Privacy is Assured

Cleveland Carpet Cleaning follows strict non disclosure guidelines when dealing with any client's personal information. We will never disclose any personal information provided by you when contacting us for services. We do not solicit personal information by any means and will only contact you pertaining your last call for service.

We do not:
  1. Gather information via any other means than by telephone (when you call and supply us with your request) or by computerized services (such as IP detection or any other browser detection software). The only information we keep is the one you supply us with per your request and free will.
  2. Send out annoying e-mails or make home calls if not specifically requested by you.
  3. Support intrusive behavior of any kind.
  4. Forward your personal information to any third party.
We do:
  1. Keep your information private.
  2. Respect your privacy.
  3. Give only professional carpet cleaning services.
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