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As we consider it our honor and duty to uphold you, the customer, completely well-versed about maintaining and preserving your carpets, rugs and upholstery for as long as possible, we have also added this section to our site where you would be able to understand in detail how our products are not just strong and active cleaning agents, but also are healthy for you and your family. In this section we would like to provide you with information on the different kinds of chemicals used in our carpet and upholstery cleaning products. The most common chemicals presented in carpet cleaning products include: phosphates, chlorine bleaches, and other solvents and enzymes.

At Cleveland Carpet Cleaning, we use safety tested products to clean your carpets. Our constant research on the subject of carpet cleaning and chemicals has made us one of the safest and best options for carpet cleaning services. Our products contain ingredients, which are very effective detergents, and used to clean the stickiest grime. Stains of coffee and wine are very easy to occur on any carpet. We ensure to get rid of those nasty stains and bring back the life and elegance of your carpets by using clinically tested and approved household bleaching agents like sodium hypochlorite, which is used for the removal of the toughest of stains. These bleaches are effective particularly on cotton fibers and do their cleaning job well. And for those adamant stains on the bathroom floor, or even your carpet, the presence of Chlorine, a strong oxidizer, in our floor and carpet cleaning products, makes sure that the stubborn nest of stains is removed effortlessly.

Our cleaning formulas, being heavily researched in the industry, make us the one carpet cleaning service provider with safe and effective cleaning practice. As solvents such as Glycol Ether, de-limonene and others affect indoor air quality, very special care is needed to make sure that your children and pets are out of the room, and the house is properly ventilated. Ammonium chloride acts as a very efficient odor removing agent and its presence in our pet odor removal products, leaves your home feeling fresh and clean, eliminating all kind of embarrassing pet odor from your home. Always remember to use these products sparingly, and only when wearing gloves and goggles.

Most oxidizing agents presented in our products, apart from being extremely safe, are used successfully for cleaning metal, floor and also paint stains. Oxides also have properties to clean graffiti's. Methylene chloride presented in diluted quantities is very efficient grease and stain remover and it also acts as a pesticide to keep your home and carpet safe from all kind of pests and fungal formations.

A clean and fresh house is not the only service Cleveland Carpet Cleaning assures you. The health of your family and pets is important to us as much as the life span of your carpet. Our research team has been constantly striving to develop ground-breaking products, which not only guarantee a deeper and actual clean, but also pay absolute attention to the health of your family pets and the environment in general. Our motive for all these years of experience is to provide you with cleaning products, supplies and services, which are simply top of the line. Your search for that one pearl in a world full of oysters has just been concluded. Here at Cleveland Carpet Cleaning, we care for you.

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