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Akron Carpet Cleaning is the number one commercial carpet cleaning servicing Akron, Ohio OH. Our vans, equipped with state of the art carpet cleaning product and truck mounted cleaning systems for providing environment friendly carpet cleaning (green clean) and steam cleaning, as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning are a familiar site from Fairview Heights to across town in Goodyear Heights, and all the surrounding neighborhoods.

Whether you spend most of your time in Kenmore, downtown or at the University of Akron, you'll see our fast, loyal, trustworthy crew of carpet cleaners doing what they do best - cleaning Akron's homes and businesses with reliable, innovative, professional carpet cleaning methods and equipment.

Akron Carpet Cleaning has a philosophy that might be slightly different from other cleaning services. While other house carpet cleaning services use harsh chemicals which leave lingering toxic fumes, we care enough to use natural cleaning products and methods whenever possible - to protect your health and the health of the planet as well.

When we are done cleaning your furniture, air duct, upholstery, tile and grout, wood floor, carpets, rugs and window treatments, the only scent left behind is the smell of cleanliness. To achieve this we use the best carpet cleaning equipment on the market including advanced carpet steam cleaners.

Another important aspect of the Akron Carpet Cleaning philosophy is that we don't keep secrets. You can always count on Akron Carpet Cleaning to provide useful tips for carpet cleaning. For us, it's just good business sense. Most people wait too long before calling in a professional carpet cleaning service. If your carpeting and upholstery are not properly maintained, they won't last long enough for us to clean them for you.

*Household carpet cleaning hint #1: Vacuum at least once a week, taking care to move the antique furniture, just a little bit, every time you do. Moving the furniture, even slightly, will help prevent permanent damage from the weight of the furniture.

*Tip #2: Whether you are looking for a house carpet cleaning company, business carpet cleaning company or commercial carpet cleaning service, don't be embarrassed to ask questions. What kind of carpet cleaning machine do they use, and does it use a green carpet cleaning product? Do they use truck mounts for neat, odorless cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting? Are their technicians licensed, bonded & insured? Do they provide other related cleaning products, like carpet cleaning repair, carpet upholstery cleaning or floor cleaning - wax & polish? Do they offer a no-obligation, always free estimate, valuable coupons and back all their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee like Akron Carpet Cleaning?

*A strategically placed rug will lengthen the life of your carpet. A rug that covers high traffic areas will not only prevent premature signs of wear and tear, it will act as a dust magnet, collecting dirt and grime before it has a chance to be deposited on carpets. Rugs or mats also hide problems so you can delay carpet cleaning stain messes until you're ready to deal with them. When they need to be cleaned, smaller ones go right in the washing machine. If your rugs are too big for that, call Akron Carpet Cleaning. We provide free pick-up and delivery for cleaning at our plant.

*Control allergies & asthma by being conscientious about cleaning places where dust is likely to accumulate and mites are likely to settle in and breed - your upholstery, you bed's mattress, the duct vents in your ceiling.

There are plenty more upholstery and dry carpet cleaning tips where these came from. Just ask one of the friendly, helpful folks at Akron Carpet Cleaning and be certain you will get the best carpet cleaning methods tips out there including which carpet shampooers are best for you.

We accept - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Payment Options for all our cleaning services, like auto interior detailing and cleaning, leather cleaning, money saving move in and out services, carpet upholstery cleaning services and curtain upholstery cleaning , grout cleaning, and of course, our basic industrial carpet cleaning service. You're carpets need to be professionally cleaned every twelve to eighteen months - call us today to schedule an appointment.

For additional carpet cleaning services around Akron, Ohio see - Cleveland Carpet Cleaning.

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